Model type
3d Studio, 3DS Max, Autodesk FBX, OBJ, StereoLithography STL, WRL
Materials, Printable, Real Time, Textures, Unwrapped UVs, UV Mapped
Clothes color
Light, Red
Dress style
Object in hand, Sitting, Standing
American, European

Casual 3D People | Collection – Busy Street Render

Casual 3D People | Collection – Busy Street Render is a meticulously curated collection of 23 unique 3D models intended for a wide array of digital applications. This collection features models scanned with a cutting-edge photogrammetry scanner, ensuring high fidelity and accurate representation of their real-world counterparts.

Each model in this collection is presented in real-world scale (measured in centimeters) and comes with approximately 50,000 triangulated polygons. This strikes an optimal balance between detail and performance, allowing for efficient rendering while maintaining a high level of visual fidelity.

Included in this collection are models of people in various casual poses and interactions, dogs in different breeds and poses, perfect for creating a lively, busy street scene. We provide multiple file formats to ensure compatibility with your preferred software, including Autodesk 3Ds Max 2017 (or above), FBX, OBJ, STL, and WRL.

Each 3D model comes with high-resolution textures, including a diffuse map and a normal map. These textures are provided in an 8192 x 8192 PNG format to ensure the best possible quality and detail.

The collection includes the following 3D models: Metis standing, Sheepdog Sitting, Entlebucher Sitting, 3D Man with Tattoo Walking Pose, 3D Girl in Summer Clothes Walking Pose, 3D Man Walking Pose, 3D Person Having a Conversation, and many more.

Here are a few scenarios you could create using the Casual 3D People | Collection – Busy Street Render:

  1. Urban Park: Create a scene in a city park with the “Mom and Son Walking Hand in Pocket,” “City Woman Walking,” and “Pregnant Woman Walking”. The “Sheepdog Sitting” and “Entlebucher Sitting” can be near their owners, and the “Man and Cigar” could be sitting on a park bench, enjoying his cigar.
  2. City Street: Use the “3D Man with Tattoo Walking Pose”, “3D Man Holds the Jacket Behind His Back”, “Walking Man” and “Woman Smart-Casual Walking Pose” to depict a busy city sidewalk. Add the “3D Woman in Dress with Phone” and “Girl Student Walking” for a touch of modern city life.
  3. Coffee Shop Scene: Create an outdoor cafe scene with the “3D Scanned Man in Brown Suit Sitting Pose” and “Cross-legged Woman” sitting at a table, while the “3D Man in a Sweater” and “3D Woman Looking at Shoes” pass by. The “Asian Girl Sitting Pose” can be at another table, sipping coffee.
  4. Campus Life: Make use of the “Girl Student Walking”, “3D Man Walking Pose”, and “Girls and Scooters” to create a lively university campus scene. The “Asian Girl Sitting Pose” can be studying under a tree, and the “3D Man Closed Pose” could be a professor heading to a lecture.
  5. Shopping Street: Use the “3D Woman in Dress with Phone”, “Woman Smart-Casual Walking Pose”, and “3D Woman Looking at Shoes” to create a bustling shopping scene. The “3D Girl in Summer Clothes Walking Pose” and “City Woman Walking” can add to the busy feel of the street.
  6. Dog Park: For a pet-friendly scene, use the “Sheepdog Sitting”, “Entlebucher Sitting”, and “Metis Standing” with the “3D Man in a Sweater” and “3D Man with Tattoo Walking Pose” throwing a ball or frisbee.

If you need a specific format not included in the archive, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We value our customers and strive to provide the best possible service.



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