Terms & Conditions

Date of last revision: August, 10,  2020

Welcome to Renderbot!

Please take a moment to read Terms & Conditions. These conditions affect your statutory rights and obligations applying to all purchase orders.


  1. Renderbot is website that offered 3d models online with the mail address by following link.
  2. Agreement. Terms & Conditions is an agreement between Consumer and Renderbot regarding using the Site. 
  3. Consumer (User) an individual warranting ones age more than 18 years of age or a corporate entity, which has an Account on Renderbot.
  4. Account – an account on Renderbot site with unique name. Account has information about Consumer’s activities and the Products purchased.
  5. Product is an archive with files and textures that is available to purchase on site Renderbot.
  6. License – license, under which Consumer acquires from Renderbot the right to use the Renderbot Products for commercial and personal purposes, excluding further sharing, whether for remuneration or not. 
  7. Terms are terms for using the site and making purchases, described in this document.
  8. Privacy Policy – document with the rules for the processing of personal data.
  9. Content is any material published at the Site including Digital Product, posts in Blog, tutorials, info from Help Center, words, music, videos, images, software, code and any other information.


Renderbot is a company registered in USA. Consumer agrees to follow this Agreement by registering an account on the web site www.renderbot.com. Renderbot has a right to change Agreement at any time. The change becomes effective from the date indicated by Renderbot. Consumer will be informed about all changes through e-mail with Weekly Digest message. The Agreement is good to read with Policy & Privacy statement. Read it before using the web site.

General Use

1. Ownership

1.1 Renderbot.com owns all copyright in the material on the Site. 

1.2 All Renderbot Content is owned by Renderbot LLC or its licensors, and is protected by USA law. 

1.3 Renderbot grants to Consumer the following rights that are reflected in the License page.

1.4 If Consumer wants to get 3d models for resale it is required Commercial License Agreement. Conditions of Commercial License Agreement can be received by sending a letter to support team by mailing support@renderbot.com. 

1.5 Renderbot collects and processes Consumer’s personal data to the extent necessary to complete the order.

1.6 Renderbot free to determine, whether to refuse having an account to any person (entity) or terminate the right to use the Site.

2. Consumer Use

2.1 An Account can be created directly by filling out the appropriate form, or through third-party accounts on websites such as Google or Facebook. Creation of account Consumer agreed to provide only true information and to update it for remaining it current.

2.2 After completing the signing-up form, a notification of successful registration is sent to the email address pointed in the signing-up form.

2.3 The Consumer gets access to the Account by entering login and password.

2.4 Consumer may:

2.4.1 Using Product in any type of project according to the Royalty Free License.

2.4.2 Modifying Product for his/her purposes.

2.4.3 Terminate the License at any time by erasing all copies of the Product.

2.4.4 Delete Renderbot Account, for disabling his/her profile. Anyway we retain certain information we have collected about Consumer for our analytics purposes, such as transaction history.

2.5 Consumer may not:

2.5.1 Redistribute Product or modifications of the Product (more in Royalty Free License).

2.5.2 Use Product in any other projects, where Product can be extracted by other users. 

2.5.3 Hide or remove any watermarks, copyrights or other notices of property rights from the Site.

2.5.4 Investigate Site for technical vulnerabilities or getting through any security measures or limit access.

2.5.5 Transmit any private information related to the Site to anyone, unless Consumer has the permission of the sending party.

2.5.6 Use Product in any abusive, threatening, harmful, inaccurate, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, racist or obscene scene.

2.5.7 Transmit his/her Account to any third party.

2.5.8 Use the Site except pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

2.5.9 Use the Site to decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, copy, transfer, or otherwise use the Product except as permitted by this Agreement.

2.5.10 Promote any illegal activity or assist any unlawful act.

3. Sales

3.1 The sale of Renderbot Products is conducted via Renderbot shop.

3.2 For buying Product with the Renderbot shop it is required to make the Registration of the Account. 

3.3 Unregistered user shall give the following information: name and surname, e-mail address.

3.4 After logging to the Account the Consumer places the Product to the shopping cart and clicks the “Checkout” bookmark.

3.5 The Consumer can’t buy any Product until he/she registers. By clicking on the “Sign up” button, Customer agreed to these Rules. After receiving payment for a Product, Renderbot automatically changes the order status to “Completed”.

3.6 After giving the required information and payment the Product can be downloaded in the tab “My Orders” (Consumer Account). 

3.7 Consumer shall receive the notification about purchase confirmation:
a. by mail pointed in settings (User Account).
b. by User Account in Notifications.

4. Warranties

4.1 Any damage caused to the Consumer in case of failure this Agreement is limited to the value of the purchased Renderbot Products, which connects this responsibility. 

4.2 Claims will be processed in the order they are received by Renderbot.

4.3 Immediately after considering the complaint Renderbot will provide the Consumer with the answers on the complaint. The answer will be sent in the same form in which it was received by Renderbot.

4.4 The Consumer does not have the right to withdraw or abandon the transaction after the order on the website of Renderbot, if Product is without defects.

4.5 The Consumer warrants that all payment information provide is truthful (the name, email address, bank details etc.). Payment method can be modified in User Account Settings.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 In the event of a breach of Agreement, the breach is resulted as an unauthorized use and Consumer shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the USA law. Renderbot LLC Product may not be used in illegal ways.

5.2 A short description of every Product is provided in the Product Page upon which Consumer should rely deciding make purchase.

5.3 User shall not assign or transfer this Agreement or any right or obligation hereunder to any third party.

5.4 User agrees to receive messages from Renderbot electronically: notifications of completed orders and Weekly Digest.

5.5 User agrees that Renderbot support team may contact the User by email or by posting notices on the services.

5.6 The User agrees that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that Renderbot provides to the User or that the User provides to us electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications must be in writing.

5.7 Renderbot is not responsible for any automatic filtering that may be applied to any email notifications we send to the email address provided by the user.

5.8 If the Consumer buys incorrect files or broken links during the purchase, Renderbot replaces them and sends new functional links to the originally ordered file.

5.9 All Renderbot’s notifications shall be sent to Notifications (User Account). 

5.10 The Agreement do not apply to any transactions concluded between the Consumer and any other third-party website that can be accessed via hyperlinks from the Renderbot website. Any agreements concluded between User and any third party indicated on this Site, accept at User’s own risk.

6. Governing law

6.1 These Rules are subject to the USA law and shall be interpreted in accordance with this law.

6.2 Thу Agreement is governed by Delaware law. Any action or proceeding arising out of or related to this agreement must be brought in a state or federal court located in Delaware, and both parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts. All notices, requests and other communications under the Agreement must be in writing (e-mail messages shall be deemed writings).

6.3 If any provision of Agreement’s terms is deemed invalid by the court, the invalidity of this provision will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms, which remain in full force and effect.

6.4 If you access services outside the United States, you will be responsible for complying with all local laws elsewhere, and in no case will you use the Renderbot Product in violation of USA export laws or regulations.