Privacy Policy

1.1 We do not collect any personal information from you unless you provide it to Renderbot in the ways described in this Policy. If you decide to provide us with your personal information (name, email address), we will only collect personal information that is necessary to fulfill your orders on the site.

1.2 If you refuse to disclose your personal information upon request, you may not be able to buy Renderbot products.

1.3 In order for you to register for Renderbot services information such as a name, email address and other similar information will be required from you.

1.4 When registering the Account the Registered User agrees conscientiously on the processing and use of the personal data for the purpose of order execution as well (as for the execution of EPP).

1.5 The administrator of personal data being processed is Renderbot. Personal data shall not be processed or used for any purpose other than that specified in paragraph 4 above.

1.6 The personal data are collected with due diligence and are properly protected against the unauthorised access.

1.7 The Consumer can inspect his personal data, correct them and request to cease the making use of them.

1.8 Cookies files are computer data, in particular, text files which are stored on the final device of the service User and used for viewing the internet websites.

2. Cookies policy

Cookies usually contain the name of the internet site which they originate from, the time of storing them on the final device and the unique number. Cookies files are used for:

2.1 Adjusting the content of the Renderbot to the User’s preferences and optimizing the website usage; in particular, these files help to identify the device of the service user and display the website respectively, suited to the User’s own needs;

2.2 Maintaining the service user’s session (after logging in) thanks to which the user does not have to log in and give the User’s password again on each service subpage.

2.3 There are two kinds of cookies used within the service: “session” (session cookies) and “permanent” (persistent cookies). The first kind of cookies are temporary cookies which are stored on the final device of the user by the time the user has logged out, left the internet site, or disconnected the software (internet browser). “Permanent” cookies files are files stored on the final device for the time defined in the parameters of the cookies files, or by the time of their manual deletion by the user.

2.4 The standard software used for browsing internet sites (internet search engine) permits the storage of cookies files on the final device of the user by default settings. The User can change the settings of the internet browser so that to block the automatic handling of cookies files, or inform about their display on the device.

2.5 The detailed information on the possibility and ways of handling cookies files is available in the settings of the software (internet browser).

2.6 The exclusion of the cookies files application may result in improper operations of certain functions, or services available on the internet site.