Apose topless girl

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Model type
Home, Inside
3DS Max, Autodesk FBX, OBJ, StereoLithography STL, WRL
Game Ready, Materials, Printable, Real Time, Textures, Unwrapped UVs, UV Mapped

Apose topless girl 3d model scanned with a photogrammetry scanner, intended for the digital industry, computer graphics and 3D printing. The models have real world scale in centimeters.

  • Triangulated
  • ~ 50,000
  • Autodesk 3Ds Max 2017 (or above)
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • STL
  • WRL
  • Diffuse map
  • Normal map
  • 8192 x 8192 PNG

The archive includes the most popular formats. If you haven’t found the format you need, please let us know.

Vertex Vince
Vertex Vince
November 28, 2023

Has anyone imported this model into 3DS Max or Maya? How easy was it to use?

Render Bot
Render Bot
November 28, 2023

Hello and thank you for your interest in our ‘Apose Topless Girl 3D Model’!

To import an FBX file into 3ds Max, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open 3ds Max.
Step 2: Go to the main menu and select “File” > “Import.”
Step 3: In the Import dialog box, navigate to the location of the FBX file you want to import.
Step 4: Select the FBX file and click “Open.”
Step 5: Adjust the import settings as needed in the FBX Import dialog box.
Step 6: Click “OK” to import the FBX file into your 3ds Max scene.

We’re glad to see you’re considering this model for your projects.
If you have any specific questions about the model’s details, compatibility with certain software, or how to integrate it into your work, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Our team is here to ensure you have all the information you need to make the most out of our 3D models.
Also, we’d love to hear about how you plan to use this model in your creative endeavors! Feel free to share your ideas or ask for tips at our support center.

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