Case of free 3d models. How to download and use 3d models for free

Aug 27, 2020
Case of free 3d models. How to download and use 3d models for free

Free 3d models save the artist time and money for his/her projects. Another big plus of free 3d models is a quick start for those, who have just entered 3d industry.

In this article, you will find a list of free 3d models and tips for their use.

What are scanned 3d models for?

Scanned 3d models use in graphic design in architectural visualization. Also in 3d printing projects, animation and in the gamedev.

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2. Use Drag & drop function for OBJ, FBX formats. Or apply the Import function in the menu of software. Also you can open 3ds Max scene, if you use especially this 3d software in your project.

3. If 3d models are used in the created project, then extract files and textures in the root of the project folder.

What formats do you get downloading free 3d models?

At that moment, Renderbot offers the most common and universal formats for working in graphics editors:

  • OBJ format is the universal one. It is standard for storing, importing and exporting 3d models. Such software as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop and more can support this format.
  • FBX file is originally native to Autodesk. 3ds Max, Maya software can open this format.
  • STL format will suit you if you want to use 3d printing for your project. This extension only describes the geometry of a surface without color and texture representation. AutoCAD, 3ds Max support STL file.
  • WRL format is also suitable for 3d printing projects. The WRL file contains information about colors and textures. Programs supporting this format are 3ds Max, FreeCad.

So get free 3d models for your projects here.

Wish you good luck and nice work!

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