Which digital payment method is better to choose

Sep 09, 2020
Which digital payment method is better to choose

With the development of digital technology, the way of shopping is changing greatly. As a result it leads to distribution of digital payments. Most online stores today are optimized for mobile, computer devices and variation of digital payment method.
Innovation and technology are growing rapidly. Thus the growth increases the demand for the security and speed of digital payment transfers.

Renderbot has done a little research about digital payment systems. The research includes about 300 votes. It had place on Facebook.

1. Apple Pay

Mobile payments are gaining popularity. So, according to Renderbot research, Apple Pay method has the first place. This method allows you to store numerous card in one app. In addition, this method has a security protocol (the face or fingerprint ID).

2. Debit card

The old fashioned way. As a result, card payments are still the standard for digital goods and services. This method involves the use of a payment gateway. It makes purchases secure.

3. Google Pay

Google Pay is the answer to Apple Pay. So, this method allows customers to make payments in their app or website using any credit or debit card stored in their Google account.

4. PayPal

PayPal is trusted payment method. Customers can buy digital products from their PayPal preloaded balance.

5. Crypto Wallet

A cryptocurrency is a form of electronic money. It is relatively young payment method and it is gaining momentum.

6. QR Payment

QR codes are another way to make digital payments. Customers just need to scan the code using a smartphone camera. These codes can be scanned from the display screen.

Do you agree with these statistics? Do you have a proven digital payment method?

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