The FIELD HOUSE – MORE+ARCHITECTURE – Architectural Design

Jun 02, 2021
The FIELD HOUSE – MORE+ARCHITECTURE – Architectural Design

The FIELD HOUSE is a 3D Visualization project developed by MORE+ARCHITECTURE and later constructed by “Lookofsky Architecture” in Sweden.

It is a familiar vacation house that consists of 51 m², two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room and a kitchen. The main materials used were concrete and wood so having that in mind the design is very compact but comfy.

The main idea of the design and visualization was to create a local farmhouse with a modern style.

MORE+ARCHITECTURE – Architectural Design Studio

Year of formation: 2016
Owner: Daniel Morales Garcia
How many projects have been done: +50
The 3d software you use to work:  3ds Max (Corona Renderer)
What services do you provide: Architecture & Landscape Design + 3D Visualizations






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