3d models selling: Pitfalls and tips in retail.

Aug 17, 2020
3d models selling: Pitfalls and tips in retail.

Each product has specific sales rules, which arise interest and attention of the buyer. Selling a digital product is not exception. So, here are some tips for selling 3d models.

What 3d models are in high demand?

The most sought-for are the collections of 3d models. Why collections, exactly? Because of the price. It is more profitable to sell packs than single models. Above all, a collection offers a variety of relevant models. And 3d model collections has deliberate design. They make it easy to fulfill a certain visual scenario. Exterior or interior one.

How to present 3d models?

Prepare a render and description. Each product needs presentation images, which you intend to sell. Develop a ready-to-download free product (3d model free). Thus, customer will define quality of 3d model before buying. The presentation should have credible description and relevant design. It impresses the customer in the best way.

The more thorough your approach to selling a digital product, the easier it is to convince a customer to pay for the product.

Still, moving from small to big, as you gain experience in sales. Otherwise, the risk of wasting large amounts of money increases.

How to prepare 3d models?

You can find valuable advices on this topic at online marketplaces that sell 3d models. In short, it is possible to get some practical advice on:

  • choosing the optimal background for rendering;
  • the archiving process;
  • the most popular file formats.

Prepayment: to take or not to take?

If you sell customized 3d models, 100% prepayment is a binding condition. In case of selling finished products full payment comes after the purchase at once.

Buyers at online marketplace are aware about testing period. Typically, a client has 15-30 days to make a decision. So, if the 3d model does not fit, the seller is obligated to return the money. Potentially, the clients should remove all copies of the refunded 3d model from their digital devices. But everything depends on the moral qualities of each person.

What guarantees has client?

Documents and licenses

The major document of any 3d model is a license. The rules of working with it are described in detail in Terms & Conditions. Selling custom models usually requires signing of an agreement. It indicates the basic rules of using the digital product.


The description includes:

  • file formats, scenes and textures;
  • the conformity of the declared features;
  • the pre-tested ability to open all files and archives;
  • proven readiness of the model to plug-and-work.

But sometimes shortcomings occur. For example, archive is broken, files are missing and etc. As a result, it is important to apologize to the buyer and provide working files in a short time.

After-sale service

After-sale customer support works better than any warranty. So, tell your customer about free consultations. Give possibility to request additional formats. This is the best way to increase trust and to get a loyal buyer.

Customer guarantees in 3d models sales

In a nutshell

Digital product sales should be launched if:

  1. Scaling business and getting some passive income is your desire.
  1. You are attracted the possibility to enter the market quickly and easily.
  1. The benefits of selling digital products, such as a lack of logistics and a low return rate are clear to you.
  1. You plan to increase sales of 3d models and to streamline this process.

At the beginning, there is a risk of encountering some significant, yet remediable, problems:

  1. High competition in the market. But it is accessible to all companies and independent sellers without exception.
  1. A large amount of free content. It reduces the buyer’s desire to pay for 3d models.
  1. The widespread piracy on the digital market. It pressures to focus on the security of the digital product. This fact applies to both sellers and content-creators.
  1. At the beginning, it is difficult to cover the costs of maintaining the studio and production cost. It is due to the minimal influx of new customers.

In short, this problems occur in every market segment that deals in goods or services. They should not discourage you by the fact of their existence alone. So, we definitely recommend to sell a digital product. Of course, if you can create high-quality and original 3d models.

Once the production of 3d content is streamlined, a large database of assets will quickly form and yield a good profit.

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